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Ballroom dancing I
You like Waltz, Jive, Foxtrot, Chacha, Rumba, Waltz, Mambo, Polka and other dances that you danced in dance classes and you want to remember them and learn them properly. Then this tailor-made course is ready for you :-)
!!! It is necessary to register for this course as a couple !!! .
Každé úterý počínaje 16.1.2024 od 19:10 do 20:10

Lektoři: Anna a Petr Fabíkovi (Fabíci)
Number of lessons: 10
Price per course / person:  2 200,00 CZK
You will learn the basic steps and interesting variations for all dances, and you will definitely become the king of the dance floor. We will prepare you for the upcoming dance season!
!!! It is necessary to register for this course as a couple !!! .
Lesson no. 1 16.1.2024
Lesson no. 2 23.1.2024
Lesson no. 3 30.1.2024
Lesson no. 4 6.2.2024
Lesson no. 5 13.2.2024
Lesson no. 6 20.2.2024
Lesson no. 7 27.2.2024
Lesson no. 8 5.3.2024
Lesson no. 9 12.3.2024
Lesson no. 10 19.3.2024

This course is now available only for men or couples.